Could humanity stop the war?


According to Carl von Clausewitz's "war - is the continuation of politics by other means". Therefore the politics is a continuous process of preparing for war, and the participation in wars, which will inevitably lead to the destruction of the planet Earth.


On the other hand, war - is massacre of people, disguised political, legal, religious, patriotic and other slogans and axioms.


The main goals of modern wars are overthrow, capture or killing of political systems of states, their territory, population, natural resources, markets and so on, or opposition to these goals.


At the same time, if the war is massacre of people, the war heroes are the most "successful" and "glamorous" victims and perpetrators of the massacres. Propaganda about their heroism mainly used to promote war, patriotic education, militarization of civil society, incitement one nation to another, strengthening the arms race, increasing defense and military budgets and so on.


The glorification of the victims and the perpetrators of the massacres is also one of the ways to hide the true aims of the war and its real organizers.


However, to stop the military aggression by means of unilateral disarmament, through pacifism, ignoring national defense issues is impossible.

Does it make sense to spend billions on preparations for war that could destroy the entire planet?

Because of greed, envy and wisdom deficit modern humanity has been unable to stop the war on planet Earth, transforming into an ideal environment for the spread of aggression viruses beyond the solar system.

Therefore, the terminally ill aggression humankind has no prospects for participation in an infinite universe development. At the same time, thanks to geniuses like Sakharov, humanity has already prepared weapons of mass destruction to self-destruct.


Could humanity stop the war? We can find the answer in the definition of Karl von Clausewitz. Since war is the continuation of politics, it is only after the cessation of the activity of professional politicians (for example, by adopting the world of direct democracy) on the planet can be installed Peace.


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